Wednesday, July 11, 2012


  1. Do you ship internationally?
    -Yes we do :)
  2. Do you have paypal?
  3. Is it safe wearing coloured contact lenses?
    -Our lenses are 100% authentic from Korea. As long as you take good care of your lenses it is completely safe. 
  4. Where are your contact lenses from?
    -They are 100% made in KOREA. No china lenses :) I myself wear them!
  5. When is the expiry date for the contact lenses?
    -There will be an expiry date written on the label. 
  6. How long can we keep opened contact lenses?
    -I suggest that you do not keep them for more than 3-6months! Even though it can last up to a year, it is more hygienic for us to not use them for more than a year. :)
  7. Why are you always on break.
    -We usually are closed as My Lens House is owned by a student :) We usually check our emails and messages often during the Festive seasons or holidays :) 

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